Paul Tudge - Vicar

Paul Tudge

Paul's journey to St. John's Church began with six years in the science department at a large high school before he was ordained in the Diocese of Ripon. He was then appointed to All Saints in Ilkley in the Diocese of Bradford before moving here to Farsley. 

Having escaped being Otley Rural Dean when he moved, he subsequently was appointed as Rural Dean for Calverley. He and his wife Rosie have three grown-up children who have flown the nest (Luke a linguist, Ruth an electrician and Simon a physicist) as welll as two teenagers, Josh and Nathan. Their daughter Iona was born with Edwards Syndrome and sadly died aged 18 months.

Paul Tudge - Vicar

Paul loved teaching and enjoys being a vicar (most of the time!), both being equally valuable callings from God. He believes strongly that all, whatever age or ability, have a role in the Kingdom of God.

Many are relieved that he hardly plays his baritone saxophone any more. A motorbike provides his main transport, and sometimes recreation, and the garden most of the veg. He has previously enjoyed 10 days riding off road up the Wild Coast, South Africa, with a group of 25 bikers in aid of African charities. Don’t ask him about it unless you want 10 minutes of boredom.

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