Donate your unwanted laptops, tablets and phones

First published on: 12th January 2021

ComputersDo you have an old laptop, tablet or mobile phone that you no longer use? If so, we are collecting them to pass on to two organisations which help some of those people who most need access to computer and electronic digital equipment in West Yorkshire.

Digital Access West Yorkshire is led by volunteers and gets devices to children, older people, charities and organisations that need them in West Yorkshire.

Tech Angels provides devices for children in certain parts of Leeds.

  • Devices which are donated should be less than five years old and, in the case of a PC laptop should be capable of running at least Windows 7.
  • Please erase all data from the device and perform a factory reset using these instructions from Digital Access West Yorkshire. (Please note that the machines will also be erased a second time by the Digital Access team to ensure that no data can be recovered from it.
  • Wipe down the device with antiseptic wipes if possible.
  • Seal your donation in a bag making sure to include any chargers. 
  • If you would prefer your donation to go to Tech Angels please specify on the bag.

As well as laptops, tablets and mobile phones, donations of other working electronic equipment would also be welcomed including:

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Web cam
  • Monitors

The team are ideally looking for equipment that can be given to a new user in as short a time as possible so that they can benefit from using it.

Please bring any donations to the church hall on a Monday or Thursday between 10am and 12noon. 

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