Letter from the clergy - Friday 22 January 2021

First published on: 22nd January 2021

Dear all,

This week has been a week of work, lockdown, and home schooling. This has had its challenges from dodgy wi-fi connections, uninterested students, grumpy teachers (parents) and all this while confined in our home together. I know that in the grand scheme of things that we are in a very privileged position, we live in a great house in a great place, we have the technology to be able to do the things we need to and we are a big family, so there are plenty of people to chat to.

The gospel reading this week is in stark contrast to what we all have been experiencing this week. Jesus is at a wedding feast. In biblical times, these weddings would have been great community events that usually would have lasted several days. The passage relays the story of Jesus being told from his mum that the wine had run out. This would have been really embarrassing for the wedding organisers, and although he may seem reluctant Jesus does something about it. He takes the water used for purification and changes it into the best wine of the whole wedding feast. A passage that points to the start of Jesus’s ministry, his first miracle, the glory of God in Jesus, the abundance of God’s provision and much more. But as I was reading the passage before writing this letter two things stood out to me, celebration, and community.

Firstly, I think that given the current circumstances and the previous year we have had, it is easy for us to become cynical and miss the things that are to be celebrated. Jesus attended that wedding in Cana to celebrate with the couple, celebrate with family and friends something great that was happening. I wonder what we can celebrate at the minute, I wonder what we can thank God for, whether it is something small or large. I think that it is good for the soul to look for the light, the things that are good and let the joy of them fill our lives.

Secondly, in this passage we see Jesus with His community. As I am just starting to get to know the community and the things that go on here, I think it is great to see how wonderful this community is at looking out for one another. I pray that the church will continue to play its part in doing good in the community, to work to continue to make Farsley a great place to live but also, I hope we will help show the light of Christ to our community. That through us people may see the one who had the power to turn water into wine, to keep the party going but ultimately, they may see the one who bring salvation and hope.

Let us this week celebrate the good things in life and look for way to serve our community.      

God bless.


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