New heating trial - your views

First published on: 28th May 2021

Church pews

We want your views on the new heaters we are testing in church before we decide whether or not it is the right system for us. Please take some time to sit near the heaters and see if you think they are warm enough.

In church you will see the temporary heaters fixed on the side wall pointing down at the pews. Try sitting right underneath it and further away and see if you think the temperature is warm enough. There is also another type of heater within one of the pews, underneath the shelf of the pew in front. Please also take some time to sit in that pew.

Before we invest money in a new system we need to be sure that we have the system that is right for us and everyone who uses church.

You can come into church at the following times:

  • Friday 28th May - 10-11am  
  • Tuesday 1st June - 1-2pm    
  • Thursday 3rd June - 7-8pm (this is during choir practice so feel free to join in). 

Once you have tested out the system, please give your feedback to the churchwardens or Gareth. We would like feedback before the PCC meeting on 7th June. Thanks!

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